Welcome,  My name is Ms. Totten

My Classes

Principals of Hospitality & Toursim

My classes are designed to give you an introduction to the hospitality industry as a whole in POH.  We will explore the 4 segments of the hospitality industry, Lodging, Transportation, Food & Beverage and Entertainment.  We will work collaboratively in groups to complete a project, the project is to plan and present a senior class trip.  We will do this by researching information on the internet, as well as interviewing various sources from within the industry.

Principals of Principals of Hospitality and Tourism Syllubus


Culinary Essentials 1

This class will introduce students to the critical Safety and Sanitation standards needed to be successful in an entry level possition.  We will also begin to practice knife skills and basic kinfe cuts.  In addition to that we will study food types and preparation techniques.

Culinary Essentials Syllubus 

Below are the links to all the information being studied now.  It is imparative that every student score an 80% or higher on the Safety and Sanitation test to be able to work in the kitchen.

Allergies and Chemical Hazards


Sanitation Hazards

Intervention Class 

Intervention Class is designed to help students increase their vocabulary and reading skills.

In this class we will be reading together "Kitchen Confidential", by Anthony Bourdain

As a group we will read and identify vocabulary works that are difficult, locate the definitions and try to incorporate them into our daily language.  I have a attached a copy of the book in a PDF format so the students will always be able to access the work from class.  See the link below.

Kitchen Confidential