Welcome to my class.

 I have been a teacher of English since 1980.This year I am teaching four sections of English 10 and one section of English 11.Students will explore and understand universal themes as expressed in classic and contemporary literature.In addition, students will improve their creative and expository writing skils.Furthermore,students will improve their oral communication skills through multiple speech presentations.It is my hope that all students will actively participate in class discussions to increase their critical thinking and problem solving skills.Reading assignments are given nightly.Students can expect numerous essays over the course of the academic year.

I am available to assist students from 6:45-7:45 a.m. and after school,except when faculty meetings are scheduled.I can be reached at 860-695-8031.Please feel free to call to check on your child's progress.My e-mail address is .

During the month of September,students in my English 10 classes will be reading Of Mice and Men.Students in my English 10 Honors class will be reading A Separate Peace,and students in my English 11 Honors class will be reading Fast Food Nation.Students will receive reading and writing assignments on a daily basis.Reading will be assigned for homework.