IMG 2918At the Culinary Arts Academy at Weaver High School each student is greeted with a smile and
handshake each day. We remind students that they are unique and special, created by design to accomplish great things!

Our student-focused approach is meant to teach each young person how to manage themselves from the inside out. Adults are caring, consistent, and persistent when it comes to helping students become community leaders. We want students to know they are cared for, and allow them to be participants in the formation of school standards. Additionally, we don’t give up on students, and always seek to help them become the best they are capable of becoming.

The Malcolm X Classroom – This intervention is lead by Mr. Stanley Williams, Behavior Technitian and Master Teacher, who has lived in the community for many years and attended Weaver High School prior to earning his Masters Degree from the University of Connecticut. He is acutely familiar with the challenges faced on a daily basis by our young people. Admission to the Malcolm X Classroom is reserved for after classroom teachers, security, or other school staff have attempted tier one behavioral interventions. During a students time in the Malcolm X Classroom they receive a curriculum which includes units on self-esteem, anger management, history, ethics, and what it means to be a man or woman of high moral character.

Morning Meeting – Think about when your child comes home and walks in the door. Don’t you greet him or her with a smile and nice words, perhaps a hearty, “how have you been?” We do the same each morning for our students when they step off the bus and enter the building. This small step goes a long way to letting them know how much we care. After the greeting students proceed to the Morning Meeting. The 15-minute period includes important announcements, inspirational talks by staff or students, and updates on academic improvement. Each Friday during Morning Meeting, students have the ability to perform for their peers, as well as receive and give awards for positive school performance.

Student Leadership Team (SLT) – The SLT is a major force behind our school mission, vision, climate, and culture. The team meets every Thursday after school and monthly during the summer. The team is responsible for planning the first day of school and other events. The team also helps establish and maintaining school policy, recruit volunteers to lead Morning Meeting, and arrange collaborations with community partners.