We believe that each student is unique and special, created by design to accomplish great things!

We empower all students with critical thinking, entrepreneurial, and academic skills, toward becoming independent, healthy, and responsible community leaders! 


We are a Community School working to create a postitive narrative for our youth. We seek to fullfill the model described by author Janice Hale, as the "coordinator of community support services for youth. Inviting religious, social, and fraternal organizations to create cultural enrichment experiences for youth."

Every school policy, instructional strategy, behavioral intervention, school assembly, community event, and parent engagement plan has at its core the desire to create a postitive narrative for our students. We foster a family atmosphere through our student-centered narrative and implement it in the hallways, classroom instruction, community, and parent relations.

When you enter the Culinary Arts Academy at Weaver High School you become part of the Family, and the local community is the Village. We seek to include you in school decision making; Teach you about your historical greatness, and how to embrace your ethnicity and culture; Give you the tools for success in the real world, and seek opportunities for you to develop them; Commit to a hands-on, relevant, and engaging classroom experience, one that appeals to your sense of progress. The Family and Village members are a team, and we are committed to your growth and future greatness.