How do students register?

Most students are already registered through the district, but additional information is needed. For new freshman and new transfer students please fill out the welcome packet. For returning or transferring upper class students please update your information with our Executive Assistant, Ms. Marcella Mendes. 

When does the Culinary Arts Academy at Weaver High School (CAA) officially move to Lincoln Culinary Institute (LCI)?

LCI will open its doors to staff and students in mid-August. The target date is August 18. In the meantime all registrations and business can be conducted in the main office at the Granby Street location. 

How long will CAA be housed at LCI?

The length of the lease with LCI is 4 years. It takes into account possible construction delays. IT is expected that the new Weaver building will open in September 2018. At that time CAA will move back. 

What is the strategy for keeping the local community engaged?

The Weaver High School Principal. along with the Board of Education, and partner Community Based Organizations are committed to keeping the community informed and connected. Regularly schedule meetings, events, and forums will be planned to keep all connected and informed. 

What is the plan for enrollment?

CAA enrollment will range from 280-300 students while the school remains at LCI. It is imperative that students remain in good academic standing, as there will be a wait list. Those who fall below the academic or behavioral standards established by CAA may be asked to find another school in order to make room for deserving students on the wait list. After the academy returns to the new building enrollment may exceed 450 students. 

What is the plan for transporting students to and from LCI?

Students living more than 1.9 miles LCI will receive bus transportation. Students participating in the various after school programs will receive city bus tokens/passes for transportation home from school. 

Is there a Dress Code? 

Yes, a dress code policy form is under the "Student Policy" tab. Students who are not in dress code will be asked to call home to arrange for a change of clothes. 

Do students need to participate in after school programs?

Yes, the School Governance Council (SGC) voted to make participation in after school programs mandatory. We currently offer over 14 after school programs. Additionally, participation in a school sport qualifies a student for the new requirement. 

Where will Weaver Sports programs take place next year?

The current Weaver High School fields and Doc Hurley Field House will remain open for next year's sports seasons and possibly beyond. Central Office/the Board of Education will secure portable storage for sports equipment.  

If you participate in sports can you earn academic credit?

Yes, all students who complete a full sports season can earn up to 0.5 physical education credits. A student who participates in all three sporting seasons can earn up to 1.5 physical education credits. 

The Student Success Center (SSC) is an integral part of the high graduation rate for CAA at Weaver over the past few years. Will the program remain at LCI?

CAA will seek to provide SSC type services to students next year, however the SSC structure may need to be changed to reflect the available classroom space at LCI. 

Is LCI committed to offering scholarship or financial aid to deserving CAA graduates?

Yes, graduating seniors who complete our culinary classes with a B average will be able to audit the first-year Section 104 Culinary Essentials class at LCI. 

How can parents support the school?

Parents are always welcome at the Culinary Arts Academy. You may attend classes, visit teachers, participate in planning events, and join the School Governance Council (SGC).