Culinary Arts Academy (CAA) at Weaver High School students and staff returned last week and there was tremendous excitement in the air as they entered the new facilities on the campus of Lincoln Culinary Institute (LCI)! Newly designed classroom spaces, kitchens, and dining hall greeted the students, along with smiling teachers, administrators, and several new friends.

The Student Leadership Team facilitated first day activities for the second straight year, as the new Weaver tradition has become an anticipated event for all. During the first day festivities students heard inspirational words from their peers, visited their teachers during abreviated class schedules, and participated in a tug of war contest by grade level, tested their knowledge during the "Are You Smarter Than A Weaver Student" contest, and moved to the beat of their favorite tunes during the dance contest! The first day events were inspired by the need to encourage students to improve attendance, especially during what is traditionally a sparcely attended first week of school.

CAA Weaver will reamain at LCI until the spring of 2018. Plans are currently under way for the new Weaver High School building, which will replace the hulking relic on Granby Street in North Hartford. The new Weaver is Scheduled to open in September 2018, and serve just under 1,000 students.