IMG 1832At the Culinary Arts Academy at Weaver High School we work diligently to ensure our instruction is interesting and relevant. We understand that standardized test scores are an important measure of student achievement, but our emphasis does not rest with the results. Instead, we focus on a balanced approach by exploring topics that really matter to our students. Lessons include higher-level left brain discussion and questioning, and right brain hands-on activities! Our community school model seeks to educate the whole child and is founded on our belief that all students are special, created by design to accomplish great things!

Our academic strategies are grounded in our mission. First we seek to improve reading and algebra competency. Then we strive to help all students make yearly grade level progress with a focus on college and career readiness. We believe classroom lessons should enhance critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills, through rigor, relevance, and engagement.

• Rigor – We challenge students to learn at or above grade level.

• Relevance – We seek to know each student at a personal level, making person connections to family, community, and cultural heritage.

• Engagement – We seek to develope hands-on activities that inspire students to ask why and how, creating an internal desire to learn more.

Our teachers created the following Weaver Strong Teachers Edition during the 2013-14 School Year.

Weaver Strong Teachers Edition

We are committed to providing curriculum and units that are interesting to students.

We provide lessons, activities, and field trips to bring academic subjects to life.

We build a sense of community, collaborating with each other, students, and community partners

We will keep students informed, be transparent, and seek to communicate well.

We are committed to providing extra curricular support.

We seek to give praise, and build a positive relationship with our students.

We provide incentives for good behavior, and ensure a safe learning environment.

We create routines and strategies to help students achieve success.

We call home and seek to engage parents in the learning process.